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Latest: We were shocked to learn from a Main Media paper which cannot wait to pick up a story regarding the ‘Stiky Smearing Blog’ – No wonder the saying: Feathers of the same flocks together, No? Main media of  Bolehland, Boleh..lah. 

Desperate time requires desperate measure, thats how the rakyat feels. Other than unbelievable anti-justice actions by unscrupulous individual and groups, there surface the scums of the earth. During this time, many more No1 news will scramble for headlines..just to show Another bolehland wonders.



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This morning headlines again fail to provide the kind of expected news owned to the rakyat. Fall short of Objectives for a Royal Commission being set up. Somehow, we are force to walk through familiar path when it comes to issues such as these. Forget about the question why anymore because its disheartening to even try to understand. Great opportunities for Government to set straight were once again, ignored! Here’s why…

  Anwar: RC must include Teoh’s cause of death

( Not included in RC?  Then what the heck is all about?  )                            

  Pakatan wants more from royal commission and Teoh’s family to meet PM …


But its interesting to know that the Selangor CPO may rapped up the case sooner than the inquest, possibly to begin next week.

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Pls go direct to her blog (below) for her story.

For those who don’t know Hannah yet, it’s not too late. Below, is a write up by one of our contributor we thought may provide some info about her, read on…


“Let me share my story with you about Hannah Yeoh” – ( Mr SH Wong )

On the eve of  Tsunami election 2008, a group of us went to hear Hannah’s campaign talk in one of the PJ ceramah. Never in our wildest dream would we imagine that we come home a different person altogether.

Hannah started by sharing her personal experience while growing up with her Dad. She recollect how she used to hear stories of people complaining about not getting appropriate treatment from the Government. I supposed I’am one of them too.. You see, the problem is as Hannah pointed out…

1) Why do you complaint?                                                                                                                                           2) Have you done anything about it?  Well, a sense of  ‘stupidity’ and certain degree of guilt rush through me. Honestly, I too ( like many out there? ) All we ever know is… Complaint lah, what else. Talk, talk, and more talk, No action NATO.

And the best part was….. did you vote for this (then was BN) State Government? And if you did – SHUT UP THEN!!  Now, it explained how Hannah come into the picture. Yes, we voted for her and why? Yes, we loose faith in BN – simple as that.

One other more important question Hannah pointed out was this….                                                         When you go to the poll tomorrow, ( particular useful for next 13th General Election).

Do not be selfish! by thinking about yourself. Why vote only for yourslef? What about your children? Perhaps, children’s children? Grand Children? For your Parent? Grand Parent? Your friends or friends friends? Vote for their future! 

Anyway, Hannah could have stayed and worked overseas if she choose to but no, she stayed back in Malaysia. Why? She still love this country by making a great sacrify for you and me. She wants to help people like me, to take charge of our own rights as Malaysians too. Stop complaining but take action!! If the current Government is not up to your mark, You know what to do now?


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